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Victory Rock Prep Application Checklist


All documents must be submitted in English!


Please submit all information to the following email:

  • Application

  • Copy of Passport or U.S Birth Certificate or Resident Alien Card

  • Medical Records

  • Education Forms

  • Official School Transcript, including most recent grade report. Applicants to high school (grades 9-12) or the Post-Graduate Program must submit all secondary school records. International students must see next page.

  • Transcript Evaluation Form (Required of applicants from non-U.S. schools; additional fees will apply if you do not bring the evaluation form.)


Application Processing Fee

$100 non-refundable fee: Cashier’s check or money order should be made payable to Victory Rock Prep, Inc.




We enroll a limited number of students annually from a pool of qualified applicants, so we encourage all interested student-athletes to submit an application as early as possible. All application materials must be received by the below deadline dates, before receiving a decision notification. Notifications are sent one week after interview by email.


Regular Decision Application Deadlines are as follows: February 1, 2021 –June 30, 2021. Completed applications received after June 30, 2021 will be reviewed on a weekly basis depending on space availability.


Bank of America

3401 Cortez Rd W

Bradenton, FL 34210


Routing Number: 026009593

Swift Code: BOFAUS3N (International wires only)

Account Number: 229054596419

Account Title: Victory Rock Prep, Inc.


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Tuition Enrollment Agreement/Deposit



A Tuition Enrollment Agreement (TEA) and Financial Worksheet will be sent and must be returned by the dated indicated, with the deposit as described below.


___ All Students: Read and sign the Tuition Enrollment Agreement and return to Victory Rock Prep, Inc. along with a non-refundable $5,000 Admission Fee to reserve your space.


___ Non-US Citizens: Students requiring a new I-20 Form must send an additional non- refundable $1,000 along with the non-refundable $5,000 deposit, plus proof of finances. Students already in possession of a valid I-20 are not required to pay the additional $1,000.


For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at


This section is intended for any applicant who...

  •  Is attending or has ever attended a non-U.S. sponsored high school or secondary school, or

  •  Is seeking an I-20 for the purpose of obtaining an F-1 student visa, or

  • Currently holds an I-20 from another U.S. institution

    Academic Records (Applicants to the Post Graduate Program):

    Victory Rock Prep, Inc. MUST receive all transcripts from non-U.S. sponsored high schools or secondary schools. Applicants should also submit records for the year prior to secondary school and national examination scores, if applicable.

    ___ All transcripts must be official documents and must show courses taken and grades earned.
    ___ Applicants should also submit an official English translation of the transcript in addition to the original.

    ___ Applicants must complete the transcript evaluation form and include a credit card number

    Proof of Financial Resources:

    All applicants who will require a Form I-20 from Victory Rock Prep, Inc./Edison Academics must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover the cost of annual tuition fees, and living expenses at Victory Rock Prep, Inc. The acceptable forms of financial verification include:

  •  Bank statements from the past three months, showing regular deposit history

  •  Letter from Bank (see below)
    NOTE: Bank must be in English or accompanied by an official English translation. The I-20 will not be issued before Victory Rock Prep receives one of these documents.




International Students Transferring from Other U.S. Institutions:



Upon official acceptance to Victory Rock Prep, Inc., students must contact their original to request a transfer of their SEVIS/I-20 record to “Victory Rock Prep, Inc.” When the tuition deposit is paid to Victory Rock Prep, Inc., and proof of financial resources is received, Victory Rock Prep, Inc. will issue an updated I-20.


Sample Bank Letter


Applicants who need the form I-20 should have their financial institution. Write an official letter using the template below and have it emailed to:


This letter must be placed onto Bank Letterhead


Victory Rock Prep, Inc. 3547 53rd Ave West #341 Bradenton, FL 34210




Dear Sirs:

We certify that Mr./Mrs. _______ have an account with (Bank Name).


Mr./Mrs. ________ who is one of our valued clients, is ready, willing and able to cover the costs of all tuition, fees, and miscellaneous expenses of (Student Name) during enrollment at Victory Rock Prep/Edison Academics for English Language Training and/or college preparatory purposes.


The cost of the program is: College Preparatory/English Language Training $2,000 through our partner Edison Academics.

This certificate is issued at the request of our client without any obligation and responsibility on our part.




Banking representative’s name & signature (Bank Seal must be affixed to this letter) 

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