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We at Victory Rock Prep have developed a fresh new approach to education and athletic training. Our curriculum is designed with defined, broader educational goals. Good standards would be the foundation for the other elements of standards-based reform: a rich curriculum that builds important knowledge and skills in a logical sequence, and assessments that measure whether the students are reaching those standards.


We will provide a learning-interest environment for those young men to strive for unlimited balance in their life-long goals to be prepared for higher education. They will not only push toward excellence in their athletic program, but they will be expected to work hard on their educational foundation.


We will make every effort to aide these boys in their attempt at becoming productive men in today’s society. They must keep up their “3 pointers” on an individual basis in this educational curriculum. We will help our young men to change their lives through discipline, education and physical training. They will be expected to “shoot for the stars”.



The mission of the Victory Rock Prep is to produce high-level basketball players, who have the fullest intention of becoming college and professional athletes. The objective is to provide intensive individual training, and an intense weight conditioning program. The school will provide a nutritional plan prescribed by a dietitian for each player. The team will play an ultimate schedule competing coast-to-coast with the best teams across the country. We are looking for top flight athletes who will “do whatever it takes to be the best”.

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